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What Does CC (calls CC Engines) Mean In Engines?

CC in Engines (100 CC Engines, 110 CC Engines, etc) stands for Cubic Centimeters and a measuring unit. It is one of the main specifications of the engine that results in the output power. We observe the engines with capacities of 100 cc, 110 cc, 125 cc, etc.  

The more the CC, the more the power output. The Engines size will be vary according to the amount of CC. If the CC is small, then the size of the Engine will be small and if the CC is high, then the size of the engine will be large.

What can you learn from this post?

  • How To Calculate The CC Of An Engine?
  • Advantage of More Cc in Cars
  • Conclusion

How To Calculate The CC Of An Engine?

Cubic Centimeter is the volume and also the capacity of the engine. It is calculated as the Product of the Number of Cylinders in the engine, the Cross-sectional area of the engine, and the length of the piston stroke. The mathematical expression is as follows.

Cubic Centimeter = n * A* L

We all know that the units of the cross-sectional area are square meter and length is meter, when we multiply the square meter and meter then we get cubic centimeters. This is how to calculate the CC of an engine.

What Does CC Mean In Engines, And How To Calculate The CC Of An Engine?

How CC Affects The Mileage?

I already told the product of No of cylinders, the area of cross-section and stroke length is the CC then if the cc increases the engine capacity will increase it means it will become bigger and it needs more fuel ratio to compress.

More Volume or CC requires high energy to compress the piston so the fuel required is more, as usual, the mileage will be low compared to the small CC Engines. Actually, the 110 cc engines can offer a mileage of 50 to 60 Kmph and even more but a 350 CC Engine will offer 30 to 40 Kmph which is low.

What Does CC Mean In Engines, And How To Calculate The CC Of An Engine?

So why we need such high CC Engines even they are offering less mileage? Let us read why so?

The answer for why a high CC Engines is used in vehicles even they are offering less mileage can be explained as the advantage of more CC in cars.

Advantage of More CC in Cars:

The advantage of more CC Engines is as follows:

  • More CC Engine acquire great power that can pull the vehicle easily even at high loads.
  • More CC Engines do have high performance when compared to the small CC engines. 


The high CC Engines are ruling the world and dominating less CC Engines, whereas everyone is focusing on the high power and high-performance parameters. The mileage is no more an important parameter while choosing a bike so it is the main reason for the increasing demand for high CC’s

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