Mechanical Basics

Major Project

         Mechanical Major Project Ideas or Mechanical Live Project Ideas both are similar titles because, in the entire Mechanical Engineering branch or even other branches, we are supposed to prepare a Live Project or Major Project in our final year. A Live Project is a source that decides our capability and knowledge we acquire in the entire engineering.

        Not only in engineering but even diploma students are supposed to do a major project in their semesters. So, here I am adding mechanical projects for diploma students too. You guys can see best mechanical project ideas and projects for mechanical engineering students at low cost also. So, please go through all the topics.

        As the name Live indicates the project should have a physical appearance and even able to work (depends on the project) with any source (whether it may be through motor or engine).
        So, students may be confused or dilemma in choosing the topic they want to work on; so, I am adding a few live project topics on this page. Please go through them.
Mechanical Major Project Ideas:

       The capability, knowledge, team-leading capacity, time management, and commitment of the student will be observed in choosing a particular project. The sincerity and discipline of the student will be observed by the involvement of the student in the project. So choosing a project is very important and that shows your attitude. 

        One should be more careful choosing a project and choose a project that related to your passion and knowledge. It does not matter whether your project is accomplished with beautiful output or not but what matters are, what you have learned and how you proceed to the particular project?

       Sometimes the right project will choose your destiny and it may become one of the reasons to get a job in a particular Industry or in a Company. 

       So, you can find live mechanical engineering projects, and simple design projects mechanical engineering below.  These are the topics from a practical point of view. 

Pneumatic Forging Hammer    
Automatic Laminating System.   .
Dehusking Machine.  
Steering Wheel Lock with Alarm
Atmospheric Water Generator
Solar Atmospheric Water Generator
Safety Milling Machine.
Mechanical Arm
Magnetic Braking System.
Solar Based Oven.
Semi Automatic Plastic Moulding Machine
Electric Can Sealer Machine
Mechanical Foot Step Power Generation
Magnetic Abrasive Flow Machining
Fully Automatic Potato Chips Making Machine
Pneumatic Moulding Machine.
Hydraulic Steering System of Automobile
Electrical Steering System in Automobile
Power Steering In Automobile.
Pedal Operated Hacksaw Machine.
Pneumatic Tilt Table
Colour Coated Sheet Making Machine
Rolling Sheet Machine
Solar Refrigerator.    
Automatic Hacksaw.  
Anti Theft Wheel Locking System.  
Solar Water Pumping System.  
Quad copter.    
Solar wachining machine.    
Fuel Generation From the Waste.   
Water Generation from the atmosphere.
Safety Methods in the Cars.   
Increasing Performance of 4 Stroke Diesel Engine. 
Heat transfer Performance In 3D Finned Heat pipe. 
Solar two and four wheeler Vehicle.   
Electro – Magnetic Crane. 
Fabrication of Power Steering.
Thermal Acoustic Refrigerator.   
Pneumatic Hand Drilling.
Chicken Skin Peeler.
Fabrication of Spy Robot.
Automatic Injection Moulding Machine.
Automatic Sealing Machine.
Automatic Car Shutter.
Jigs And Fixtures.
Automated lead screw jaws.
Automatic gear changer.
Dynamic Speed Governor.
Pedal Operating Water Pumping and Purification.
Design & Development Of Ball Burnishing Tool.
Automated Glass Cleaning Machine.
Automatic Gear Transmission System With Magnetic  Clutch.
Multi Axle Welding With Auto Indexing
360 degrees conveyor belt.
Pneumatic Controlled Riveting and Punching Machine.
Multi Purpose Mechanism with Scotch Yoke Mechanism.
Stair Climber Trolley.
Abrasive Belt Grinder.
PVC Pipe Cutting Machine.
Pneumatic Lifting Table.
Sheet Rolling Machine.
Portable Pneumatic Fuel Pump.
Toggle Jack.
Fabrication of Universal Coupling.
Pedal Operated Charger
Pedal Operated Washing Machine.
Automatic Shoe Polishing Machine.
Accidents Avoiding Hydraulic Jack.
Hydraulic Ram Pump.
Modified Air Cooler With Split Cooling.
Paper Cutting and Rewinding Machine.
Metal Bending Machine.
Box Transmission System in Industries.

        If you guys need any research papers and information, just go through Google Scholar. It really helps you a lot.