Mechanical Basics

Technical Seminar

Technical Seminar Topics for Mechanical Engineering:

        The technical seminar is an important and one of the assignments in Mechanical Engineering. It means, every student supposed to select a topic other than their syllabus and it should be a recent and modern one. After selecting a topic, they should prepare a report or a document to present a seminar on it by using PowerPoint Presentation. The Technical seminar will contain the marks that could add to your final score. The scoring will depend upon your performance.
Important points:

1. The selected topic should be related to your Core or Branch (if you are belongs to mechanical engineering then you have to select the topic related to mechanical).

2. The document should consist Introduction, Principle, Working, Specification, and Conclusion with relevant diagrams.
In the technical seminar, the conclusion and bibliography play a key role.

3. The Text format and the alignment depend upon the University.

4. The document should not be downloaded and plagiarized from the websites.

So here are some of the Technical seminar topics for Mechanical Engineering.

Maglev Levitation.                           
Virtual Machining.                         
LPG direct injection.                        
Air powered car.                                         
Vacuum Brakes in Automobiles 
Friction-less Compressor Technology.
Biodiesel fuel             
Cam less Engine.                                 
Homogeneous charge compression ignition.
Six stroke engine.
Modern Robotics.
Hyper threading Technology.
Passenger Hover Craft
Ultrasonic Machining.
Water Purification using Graphene.
Thermoacoustic Refrigerator.
Alternate fuels.                                  
Regenerative Braking System.             
Compressed Natural Gas
Anti-lock braking system.                   
Green Engine.                                    
Air Bearing.                                      
Military Hover Craft.
Freeze Drying.
CRDI Engines.
Space Robotics.
Auto Collimator.
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversation.
Electric Bicycle.                                    
Chain less Bicycle.                             
Nano machines.                                     
Safety and Security in Vehicles.           
Power develop by foot steps.              
Night vision technology in Vehicles.  
New materials.                                  
Friction less compressor.                    
Solar and Hybrid cars.                       
Hover Board.
Magnetic Refrigeration.
Nano Technology.
Underwater Welding System.
Scope of direct Methanol Fuel Cell.
Land Mine Detection.
Carbon Nano tubes.
Alternate fuel Methyl Ester with Tobacco Oil.
Dual Clutch System in Automobile.
DTS-I (Digital Twin Spark Ignition System).
Power Generation from the Shock Absorbers.

        So, these are few technical seminar topics till now, I will add more topics regularly so, stay tuned.