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What is Digital Vernier Caliper?

Digital vernier caliper is an advanced precision instrument or component of vernier caliper where we can measure up to a fraction of milliseconds. We already read about the Vernier Caliper, how to measure using vernier caliper and its applications, as we know that the vernier caliper is an analog type (it means we have to find the measurements using the divisions) whereas; the digital vernier caliper is an automatic type where the measurements can be observed in Numbers on the digital screen.

What is Digital Vernier Caliper, and How Digital Vernier Caliper Works

Digital Vernier Caliper Parts:

As with the normal Vernier Calipers, the digital calipers also consist of mechanical parts like External Jaws, Internal Jaws, Stem, Screw Lock and we cannot find the main scale, vernier scale because as this is a digital vernier so there will be no use and necessity of main scale and vernier scale; instead we can see the reference scale on the digital vernier caliper.

The digital vernier caliper is automatic so it is indeed to use the electrical and electronic parts for its working therefore, the components that respond for the digital system are

  • Capacitance Sensors
  • LCD
  • Copper Plates
  • Chip
  • Battery

How Digital Vernier Caliper Works?

The digital vernier caliper consists of capacitor sensors, LCD, chips, battery, and copper plates. Capacitance Sensors are rectangular-shaped sensor, according to it a length of the beam is placed in a series with respect to the Vernier surface, and those Sensors are engraved or fixed on a Copper plate in a series. The whole series of Capacitance Sensors are connected to a Chip (the coded data is stored in the chip) and then to a Source (battery).

When the jaws move to and fro motion, due to the connection and disconnections between the sensors the signals will pass to the chip then the chip will send the data and allows the LCD to display the value. The whole process works with the help of a Battery.

How To Use a Digital Vernier?

Digital Vernier Caliper is all about the digital system, there is no need for clear observations, and division coincides to find the value; instead, we just need to place the components at the required positions for different measurements.

The digital vernier caliper can measure the external diameter, internal diameter, depths, and steps of the components. As with the normal vernier calipers, to find the external diameter we have to place the component between the below jaws as shown in the below image then the digital system will calculate the diameter and show it on the screen.

What is Digital Vernier Caliper, and How Digital Vernier Caliper Works

To find the internal diameter, we have to place the component over the two above jaws, as soon as we place it we can see the measurement on the digital screen.

What is Digital Vernier Caliper, and How Digital Vernier Caliper Works

Similarly, the depths of the component can be measured by using the stem of the vernier calipers by inserting the stem into the component hole then according to the component the digital system will calculate the dimensions and shows them on the digital screen.

The step is the varied cut or decreasing the diameter for a particular length, it can be shown in the below figure.

What is Digital Vernier Caliper, and How Digital Vernier Caliper Works

So, by using the internal jaws we can find the length of the step on component “L”.

What Are The Options To Handle Digital Vernier Caliper?

There are few options or buttons in the Digital vernier caliper to make friendly operation. We have 3 buttons on the caliper, they are On/Off button, the Zero button, and the metric button.

The On/off button is to start the vernier caliper and stop the operations.

Zero Button is used to set the value at zero if it shows any fluctuations in the value and to measure the component.

You can see in the image, we can observe a metric button and it has two options like inches/mm. We can enable the option that we feel comfortable measuring.

Advantages of Digital Vernier Caliper:

The advantages of digital vernier caliper are

  • It is Easy to operate the digital vernier caliper.
  • The calipers can measure  even up to 0.02 mm (least count)
  • No confusion in the coinciding of divisions and no clear observations required.
  • Quick and accurate measurements can be achieved.


The Digital Vernier Caliper is automatic and sensitive so it required more care while the handle and we should maintain few precautions while storing also. The digital vernier caliper is a quick and more advanced system than a normal vernier caliper. It can be used in many industries, laboratories, companies, and tool rooms too.

As the importance of the Digital Vernier Caliper is more and vast therefore the cost is more because the precision instruments are very sensitive.

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