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Every day in our life, we observe different technologies in bikes, and they will be shown as shortcuts like DTSI, DTS-SI, APDV, ASFS, and ATFT; then we feel very enthusiastic to know what are DTSI, DTS-SI, APDV, ASFS, and ATFT technology in bikes stand for and what such shortcuts do in the bikes?

All these DTSI, DTS-SI, APDV, ASFS, and ATFT are the technology updations in the bikes that will give a good engine performance and even mileage performance. So let us learn about those technologies precisely in this post.

What can you learn in this post?

  • What is DTSI In Bike?
  • What Is DTSI-SI In Bike?
  • Advantages of DTSI and DTS-SI
  • What is APDV Ignition System?
  • What Is ASFS In Bike?
  • What Is ATFS In Bikes?

Let us start learning.

What Is DTSI In Bikes? 

Firstly, the DTSI stands for digital twin spark ignition; the words twin spark explains that there could be dual sparking technology. It means the normal bikes consists of only a single spark plug that is used to combust the fuel for performing the power stroke whereas, there coming to DTSI, it consists of twin (means two) spark plugs are used to combust the fuel that gives a power boost or high power to the piston to move fast.

For example, we can find this type of technology in bikes like the BAJAJ PULSAR model.

What Is DTSI-SI In Bikes?

DTSI Engine

DTS-SI stands for Dual Twin Spark Swirl Induction. As the DTS-SI also has dual spark plugs, the combustion takes place with the help of dual spark plugs. But, the difference between DTS-SI and DTSIis swirling. In the DTS-SI, the spark will be produced from the plugin swirling motion, and due to that swirling, the combustion will occur.

For example, we can find DTS-SI technology in BAJAJ DISCOVER model bikes.

We came to know what DTSI and DTS-SI are? Now, let us see what those advantages are?

Advantages of DTSI and DTS-SI:

Because of this dual sparking in both DTSI and DTS-SI technologies, the engine can achieve

  • Neat and clean combustion that will reflect the engine performance
  • Due to the clean combustion, the engine will acquire good efficiency too.
  • Additional to good efficiency, the engine with DTSI and DTS-SI will possess smooth running.
  • We can expect an increased life span of the engines with the DTSI and DTS-SI.

Now, coming back to the technologies, we have APDV. Let us learn about it.

What is APDV Ignition System?

APDV Technology

Firstly, APDV stands for Advanced Pro Series Digital Variable Ignition System. In this technology, the ignition in the engine can be controlled by the digital systemCDI and TDI (which will be explained soon) are the two systems used for controlling the ignition system in bikes. It helps the engine to have good fuel consumption and efficiency. For example, HERO SPLENDOR PRO, HERO PASSION PRO, SPLENDOR NXG are the bikes using APDV technology.

What is ASFS In Bikes?

ASFS stands for Advanced Swirl Flow Induction System. It is the same as DTS-SI technology, where the air-fuel mixture in the engine creates a swirl motion to improve the combustion for high efficiency in the bikes. For example, HERO GLAMOUR is an example of ASFS technology. 

What is ATFS In Bikes?

ATFS stands for Advanced Tumble Flow Induction System. ATFS is the technology that acquires tumble motion;  it means the ignition takes place from end to end with a high velocity in the engine. This technology helps the engine to increase combustion efficiency. For example, we can find the ATFS technology in the CBZ XTREME.

Here are the 5 technologies in the bikes that help them in engine efficiency.

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