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In the last article, we have covered all the necessary details of Electric Bicycle/Motorized Bicycle, (which is also called as EBike and a type of Green Technology) like

  • What is Electric Bicycle (EBike)?
  • Parts of Electric Bicycle
  • Working of Electric Bicycle
  • Advantages of Electric Bicycle
  • Disadvantages of Electric Bicycle
  • Applications of Electric Bicycle
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Electric Bicycle, etc.

In this article, we will read different types of Electric Bicycle (EBike) and lot more about them.

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There are different types of electric bicycle according to its construction, placement of motors at different positions, range of maximum speed. All these are the factors that classified the Electric Bicycle in to different types of Electric Bicycle. They are as follows

Types of Electric Bicycle

  1. Mid-Drive Electric Bicycle
  2. Hub-Drive Electric Bicycle
  3. Rear Hub Motor
  4. Front Hub Motor
  5. Other Types of Electric Bicycle

1. Mid-Drive Electric Bicycle

Mid-Drive Motors are one of the Types of Electric Bicycle that are directly connected to the Drive-Train as well as to your Pedaling Actions. Throughout most situations, a Mid-Drive Electric Bicycle’s powertrain consists of a standard chain, chain rings, and a cassette that function together to drive the back wheel and propel forward. Instead of chain, we may choose a belt drive, which operates similar to drive the back wheel. 

In either cases, a mid-drive motor augments the effort we exert on the pedals. It is able to do so because the engine/motor has sensors that measure your pedaling.

Mid Drive Electric Bicycle

The motor analyses the data and responds by providing additional power and directing it straight to the chain or belt, causing the Electric Bicycle to move with increased force. Electric bicycles with mid-drive motors provide the most ‘direct reaction’ of any pedal-assist motor, making the motor suitable for enthusiasts who demand highly responsive pedal help, as well as those hybrid e-bike users who may utilize their bicycles for numerous styles of riding (e.g. the daily commute and weekend excursions).

Furthermore, the advantage of Mid-Drive Electric Bicycle is that it may occasionally provide greater peak assistance than hub motors, making them the mode of choice for electric mountain bicycles where riders frequently require higher degrees of aid to deal with extremely difficult terrain.

The disadvantage of this direct attachment is that it can cause additional Drive-Train wear since it must manage both the effort you put in through the pedals and the often-higher forces delivered by the motor. In the medium to long term, this may need replacing some components more frequently as they wear.

Also, because of Mid-Drive Electric Bicycle Motors high power, the large batteries are sometimes used to provide a reasonable range, but they are heavier and may not fit as neatly inside the frame. However, specialist mountain bicycle companies will try to integrate the battery as much as possible so that it does not influence handling, and the integration design will typically allow for easy removal.

2. Hub-Drive Electric Bicycle

Hub motors operate in the similar way as Mid-Drive Motors; in Hub-Drive Electric Bicycle, they create assistance that contributes to your pedaling effort, allowing you to accelerate quicker and ride more comfortably. The distinction is in how a hub motor obtains data and utilizes its aid. Furthermore, the motor’s location alters the things slightly.

3. Rear Hub Motor Electric Bicycle

Rear Drive Electric Bicycle

The Motor on a Rear-Hub Electric Bicycle is another types of Electric Bicycle where the motor located within the rear wheel. This implies that it is extremely near to the mechanism that propels a bicycle ahead. Moreover, a rear hub motor monitors the force at the rear wheel when you pedal and the chain pushes against the cassette.

When it determines how much power you are putting in; it transfers its own force straight to the back wheel, driving the wheel (and hence the entire bicycle) ahead. Some hub motors, such as those used on most electric road bicycles, can gauge power many times every pedal stroke, making them incredibly sensitive.

4. Front Hub Motor Electric Bicycle

Because they are not immediately connected to the component of the bicycle that makes it ‘go’; front wheel hub motors are frequently regarded simpler than rear wheel hub motors. This implies they do not provide help to the driving wheel.

Front Drive Electric Bicycle

Instead, a front hub motor detects when the rear wheel pushes it forward because the rear wheel is directly connected to the front wheel, the motor delivers its assistance to that wheel, which causing you to be ‘tugged’ along as you continue to pedal and apply your strength to the back wheel.

 Like other E-Bicycle Motors, Front Wheel Hub contain a sensor that can determine how much power is required to deliver when it detects a particular level of drive. This type of Electric Bicycle is typically less expensive.

In states that specify what an electric bicycle is, there are three classifications of e-bicycles. Check your state rules because some regions limit the operation of various e-bicycle classes to specified age groups.

Class 1:

These bicycles aid the user while pedaling at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

Class 2:

This bicycle could only utilize a motor to move the bicycle up to 20 mph.

Class 3:

The fastest motorcycles give powered aid only when the user pedals, reaching speeds of up to 28 mph.

Installing Kit To Convert Basic Bicycle into Electric Bicycle

Basic Bicycles or Traditional Bicycles are simple to convert into an Electric Bicycle or E-Bike. The advantage of a serial electrical bicycle over a standard bicycle is that you don’t have to buy a new if you already have one, which saves you a lot of money by just buying an Electric kit that fits for your basic bicycle. This installation kit setup starts from 400 euros and may vary according to its configuration and standards.

Foldable Design

Foldable Electric Bicycle

Intended for storage in automobiles, flats, or upon arrival at the office.


As the technology is shifting its whole focus from Diesel/Petrol Engines to Electrical Battery, and Motor; the Electric Bikes or EBikes are being the foundation technology. The Types of Electrical Bicycle are the first and foremost technology, where the electricity is used to run the vehicle. Further, it is crawled to Petrol Bikes or Two Wheeler Engines and Four Wheelers. 

Nowadays, we can even observe number of Electrical Buses that are running by the Different States or Countries Government. This shows how the Nations are serious about the Electrical Technology or Green Technology.