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What Is Pipe Bending Machine?

Pipe Bending Machine is a type of Machine that is constructed to roll and bent the hallow pipes and even the sections (the sections are the thick and long metals that have square or rectangular shapes) too. It is also called Manual Pipe Bending Machine or Section Bending Machine whereas; the sections also can be used to bent.

Pipe Bending Machine

The type of material that can be used to bend on the manual pipe bending machine is Stainless Steel and Cast Iron. Usually, the rolled or bent pipes are used for handlerspressure operators; they are also used in many engineering services.

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Parts Of Pipe Bending Machine:

The operation on the bending machine can be performed in using different ways; the different ways involve manual bending and hydraulic bending. Manual Bending is the process of bending the pipe or section using human effort which we called Manual Bending Machine or Section Bending Machine.

On the other side, hydraulic bending is the process of bending the pipe or section using the different hydraulics which can be called Hydraulic Pipe Machine. In this session, we will read about the Manual process. So, the parts of the Bending Machine are

  1. Body or Frame: The body is the structure of the machine where whole parts and components will be fixed. The components to the body will be fixed using a nut and bolt or welding process.
  2. Rollers: The rollers can be called the dyers or molders where the component that needs to be bent is kept between these rollers so due to the performing of bending operation, the rollers can be called dyers or molders.
  3. Shafts: The shafts are the rotating rods that connect the operating wheel and the rollers. As the machine is the manual type, the rollers will be handle manually.
  4. Operating Wheel: The operating wheel is the sphere type component that is attached to the rollers using the shafts; as the operating wheel is rotated the rollers will rotate and the operation can be done successfully.

Working Of Pipe Bending Machine:

The working of the manual pipe bending (or section bending machine) is simple as easy as its construction. In this post, a simple and regular pipe or bending machine is taken as told earlier. We do even find the hydraulic pipe bending machines too which works semi-automatically. We will learn about them in the upcoming posts.

Working of Pipe Bending Machine

The rollers (or dies) play an important role in bending the pipes or sections. Firstly, the appropriate rollers or dies are chosen according to the type of section that to be bending then it is fixed to the shaft. Here three rollers (one with a high diameter and another two with similar and small diameters) are used.

The large diameter is fixed on the top and exactly between the small rollers and a gap is maintained between the large and small rollers for introducing the material that needs to be bend. Now the gap between the large and small rollers is adjusted according to the diameter and size of the metal. After placing the material between the rollers, the gap between the rollers is decreased and pressure is applied.

The operating wheel is slowly rotated; as the rollers and operating wheel are interconnected, the rollers will rotate with respect to the operating wheel. The rotation of the wheel and the pressure that is applied will result in the bending of the pipe or section. The different sections are bend using different types of rollers or die.

Advantages Of Pipe Bending Machine:

The advantages of pipe bending machine are

  • The effort that required bending the pipe or section will be less.
  • The main advantage is that it is simple in construction.
  • It is easy to operate the manual bending machine.
  • No need for any hydraulics and coolants for its operation.
  • The unique advantage of pipe bending machine is that it does not require any electrical power and it purely works on mechanical effort.

Applications Of Pipe Bending Machine:

The applications of pipe bending machine are

  • The applications of pipe bending machine is mostly observed in engineering workshops.
  • The manual bending machine is used for bending the construction components.
  • It is used in railway applications, bridges, boilers constructions, and ship constructions.
  • It can be used for decorative components also.


The bending of the metals like stainless steel and cast iron with a high thickness is hard and cannot be bend using human efforts so, a simple construction is required that can perform the required operations. The bending machine (or section bending machine) will do the absolute operation that we require to do. It will bend the pipes, sections that are high in thickness.

The hallow sections like rectangular, square, and circular components are drawn without any damages. It should be kept in mind while bending the material that the angle and length that need to be bend is calculated and then processed in the machine. The manual bending machine requires more effort than the hydraulic pipe bending machine or automatic bending machine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the purpose of the Pipe Bending Machine?

The pipe bending machine is used to bend the metals like stainless steel and cast iron.

2. How does a bending machine works?

The bending machine works with the help of rollers or can be said diers. The metal that needs to bend is introduced and drawn between the diers and the pressure applied on them will let the metal bend.

3. What is the use of rollers in the bending machine?

The rollers are the main components that will apply the pressure and bends the metal up to the required length.

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  1. Hailey Miller says:

    Thanks for pointing out that manual bending is the process of bending the pipe using human effort. As you said, some metals, like cast iron, cannot be bent using human efforts. My husband and I are planning to improve the piping system in our property in August. We are hoping to find a tube bending company on Monday that can bend carbon and alloy steel without wrinkles.

    1. Thank you Hailey Miller. Definitely, you will find one….

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