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What is Pascal’s Law?

Pascal’s Law is defined as thewhen an external force is applied on the fluids, the intensity of pressure is same in all directions”. The principle of Pascal’s Law and applications of pascal law is changing the world from Mechanical to Hydraulic.

What Is Pascal's Law And Applications Of Pascal Law

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What is meaning of hydraulic?

Hydraulic is combination of liquid and solid things, whenever the pressure is applied on the hydraulic, the work gets done. We used to hear the words hydraulic oil, hydraulic machines, hydraulic pumps, etc whereas all these types work under the pressure itself. All those machines, and pumps work with the help of hydraulic which means the source that work under pressure conditions.

Examples Of Pascal’s Law:

To understand Pascal’s law clearly, let us have an example.

What Is Pascal's Law And Applications Of Pascal Law

Take a U-shaped hollow tube with a flat base. Fill it with water up to a level shown in the image below. Take two corks or any metal bars that can fit into the U-shaped hollow tube perfectly and make sure no liquid is allowed to escape from it.

Now, allow some load to act on one of the metal bars (let on the right side tube). What can we observe?

We observe that the load will push the liquid downward and due to it the liquid level on the left side of the tube will increase and with respect to the liquid, the metal bar also moves upward direction. With this example, we can say that the liquids are able to do some work when an external force is applied.

The parameters that help the liquid to do work are the Area of the path or tube, Amount of Load, and Type of Hydraulic

Applications of Pascal Law:

Applications of Pascal law is more in construction fields and mechanical fields. Hydraulic Machines are the main application of Pascal’s law technology. As like the example, in real applications, a closed vessel is filled with the hydraulic fluid without any air-gap and allows the hydraulic to flow. The pressure is applied on the hydraulic or fluids and allows to flow to do some work. The machine that uses hydraulic for its operations is called Hydraulic Machines.

To increase the pressure of the Hydraulic, external components like Pumps are used.


Pascal’s law is all about the application of the fluids at heavy work wherever the mechanical work is limited. In real Applications, the hydraulic machine uses heavy viscosity hydraulics for its heavy operations. They are a combination of solid and liquid nature.

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