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The Difference Between Machine And Machine Tool is very important and necessary to learn. We observe several Machine and Machine Tool in our daily life, but we cannot identify whether it is a Machine or Machine Tool. Even though both consists links, pairs, and mechanisms, we are unable and confused what actually differ them and makes them call separately.

To make it clear, I came with this post Difference Between Machine And Machine Tool. Let us start learning about machine and machine tool precisely.

What can we learn from this post?

  • What is a Machine?
  • What is a Machine Tool?
  • Examples of Machine and Machine Tool
  • Difference between Machine and Machine Tool.
  • Conclusion

What is a Machine?

A Machine is the combination of Links, LinkagesPairs, and Mechanism that helps to complete an action; the action may includes Cutting, Manufacturing, and Processing of any material.

Difference Between Machine and Machine Tool

For example, consider the preparation of Potato Chips; for this, we need wheat flour, salt, and some other ingredients. When we feed all these ingredients into a processor then it will perform its operation and we receive the chips as output product; such processors that give any output by taking the raw materials or inputs is called the Machine.

What is a Machine Tool?

A Machine Tool is also the combination of Links, Linkages, and Pairs that gives the output by cutting or machining the Job into the required shapes. The whole purpose of the Machine tool is to cut and remove the material of the job.

We can see few types of Machine Tools in our regular life; they will be

As told, machine tool whole purpose is to remove or machining the workpiece; the above all the machine tools are used only for machining purpose only and to preparing any items like Biscuits, Chips, Chocolates, rubbers, pens, etc..

Note: Of course these are the Machine Tools but the people will call as a Machine, but as engineers, we should aware of the differences between machine and machine tool and never call it a Machine.

Here are few Machine Tools and their purpose of usage.

Examples of Machine and Machine Tool:

If you look up for the examples of machine and machine tool, few may be observed in our daily life and few may not. So, some of the examples of Machines are as follows

  • Printing Machine
  • Welding Machine
  • Laminate Machine
  • Processing Machine in Food Factories
  • Robots, etc.
The examples of machine tool are as follows:

1. Lathe:

Difference between machine and machine tool Lathe machine is a type of machine tool and called as the King of Workshop because we can use it for a number of operations like Facing, Turning, Tapering, Boring, Threading, etc.
In this Machine Tool, the job is to hold by Chuck. (Whether it is a Four Jaw or Three Jaw) when the job is rotating the machining or cutting will take place with the help of a tool that is fixed in the Tool Post.

2. Planer:

Please click here to read more about Planer.

3. Shaper:

Please click here to read more about Shaper.

4. Driller:

Difference Between Machine and Machine Tool


Driller is another type of Machine Tool that is used to produce the Holes with the required dimensions. In drilling, the Job is fixed and the tool is movable. The tool consists of two motions rotational and sliding. Whereas the tool will rotate to drill the holes and the sliding is used to feed the tool over the workpiece.

5. Grinder:

Difference Between Machine and Machine Tool


The Grinder is a special case in Machine Tools that it is used to remove the rough surfaces over the workpiece with the help of a Grinding wheel. The Grinding wheel will rotate at high speed; due to Friction between Tool and Job, the machining will take place. The removal rate will be highly accurate whereas we can machine up to microns.

so, these are the examples of machine and machine tool. Now, let us see the difference between machine and machine tool step by step by comparing the both machine and machine tool.

Difference between Machine and Machine Tool:

Of course, you may be understood what actually the difference between machine and machine tool, but to make it clear let us summarize step by step and with more precise manner by comparing machine and machine tool side by side.

                           Machine                        Machine Tool
  • It is used to complete an action or process the things.
  • It is used to cut and remove the materials to give a particular shape to the workpiece.
  • Examples of Machine are Printing Machine, Laminating Machine, Packing Machine, Food Processing Machine, etc.
  • Examples of Machine tools are Lathe, Shaper, Planer, Grinder, Miller, etc.
  • They are fixed at one place and even can be moved to other place with lots of effort according to the importance to perform the required actions.
  • They can be carry to everywhere and perform the required actions. They may Hand Saw, Hand Cutter, Hand Grinder, Hand Driller, etc.

So, these are the things that make difference between machine and machine tool.


Machine and Machine Tool both are used to convert raw material into a job that is used for any purpose. We can easily identify a processor as a machine or machine tool according to its working method and purpose it.

It is quite natural for every person to conclude as machine even though it is a machine tool but when it comes to a professional, it is not an accepted thing so; we are the person who should follow the basics. It should be remember that the machine and machine tool is not at all similar and there are lot of factors that differ both machine and machine tool.

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