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Shaper and Planer Machines do a similar work that is for removing the material from the surface of the workpiece but when it comes to the Difference Between Shaper and Planer Machine, there are a lot of things that make it different. Both Shaper and Planer machine are utilized in the workshops, industries, etc for performing the machining operations.

To find out what is the Difference Between Shaper and Planer Machine; firstly we need to learn what is shaper machine, and what is planer machine? So, let us start read about them first.

What you will learn in this post?

  • What is Shaper Machine?
  • What is Planer Machine?
  • Difference between Shaper and Planer Machine.

We all know that shaper and planer machine both are machine tools used to remove the materials and acquire the required shape. Both the shaper and planer machine tools are part of academics, we learn about them in the subject called Machine Tools. 

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Let us start with what is Shaper Machine?

What is Shaper Machine?

A Shaper Machine is a type of machine tool that the workpiece that is fixed in a fixture to stay still or stationary throughout the working process and the tool is fixed to a ram and movement is achieved from it. Shortly, we can say that the workpiece is stationary and the tool is movable.

Difference between shaper and planer machine
Shaper Machine

The principle or internal mechanism of shaper machine is that “the rotary motion of the motor converts into the reciprocating motion (linear motion). Due to this reciprocating motion of Ram, the machining of the workpiece (or job) can be achieved.

The mechanism that uses in the shaper machine is the combination of the Whit-worth mechanism (read about Whit-Worth Mechanism) and Crank and Slotted Quick Return Mechanism ( Read about crank and slotted). According to the internal mechanism of shaper machine, we can observe an interesting thing that “backward movement of the is faster than the forward movement of the tool.”

The quick backward movement will help the Shaper Machine to complete the machining process in less time. The forward movement is the cutting action of the tool and the backward movement is idle. The slower the movement in the shaper machine, the higher the tool life.

What is Planer Machine?

Planer Machine is another type of machine tool used to cut the workpiece according to the shape. But, in the planer machine, the workpiece that needs to be machined is movable, and the tool or cutter will stay still (fixed) to proceed with the cutting process.

As we can see in the image below, the bed is the base of the planer machine and it will observe the whole weight and vibrations.

Difference between planer and shaper machine
Planer Machine

The table is a flat surface that can be movable to and forth. The cutting machine will be placed over the table to move over to the cutting tool for machining. The table head is the component that holds the cutting tool and fixes it accordingly to machine the material.

Now, it is time to read the difference between shaper and planer machine.

Difference Between Shaper And Planer Machine:

The two machine tools (shaper and planer machine) are used for machining but what makes them different are:

  • Size Of the Component:

The main difference between shaper and planer machine is the size of the component. Yes, the size of the component is one of the considering factors to choose the machine for the machining process.

The type of machining is decided by its size. If the workpiece is small and can be fixable in the fixtures, then we can choose the shaper machine to machine it. If the workpiece is large and unable to fix it in the fixtures then we will choose the planer machine to cut it because the planer machine consists of more bed space to place the workpiece.

  • Working Methodology:

Another difference between shaper and planer machine is working methodology. The working methodology of the planer and shaper machine is quite opposite to each other. The tool in the shaper machine is movable whereas the tool in the planer machine is stationary.

  • Construction Of Machine Tool:

The construction of both machine tools (shaper and planer machine) also looks different according to their working process.

  • Applications:

The Applications of the shaper machine and planer machine.

Apart from these, there are few more differences between shaper and planer machine, they are as follows

Shaper Machine

Planer Machine

1. The Tool moves and the Workpiece remains constant.

1. The Workpiece moves and the Tool remains constant.

2. Shaper Machine can be found in smaller sizes.

2. Planer Machine can be found in smaller and large sizes according to the workpiece size.

3. Shaper is limited to smaller duties.

3. Whereas; the Planer is used for heavy duties too.

4. Low Productivity compared to Planer

4. High Productivity compared to Shaper Machine.

So, these are the most prominent differences between shaper and planer machine.

I hope, all of you understood about shaper and planer machines and the difference between shaper and planer machine.

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