Mechanical Basics

What is A Bearing?

A Bearing is one of the most useful components in the Machines. Bearings are used to reduce the friction, whenever a machine component needs to slide or rotate.

Bearing - Types Of Bearings, Working, Functions, Advantages, & Application

For example, a shaft will transfer the torque from one end to the other end. So, to achieve a smooth and frictionless movement of the shaft, there ends are fixed into the bearings. Due to the bearings action, the shaft can rotate freely without any friction. We can found different types of bearings in our daily life. Their applications includes roof fans, table fans, motors, etc.

What can you learn from this post?

  • Functions of Bearings
  • Classifications of Bearings
  • Types of Bearings
  • What Is Radial Bearing?
  • What is Thrust Bearing?
  • What is Sliding Contact Bearing?
  • What is Rolling Contact Bearing?
    • Ball Bearing.
    • Roller Bearing Type.
      • Needle Roller Bearing.
      • Tapered Roller Bearing.
  • Applications of Bearings
  • Conclusion

Functions of Bearings:

The functions of bearings are vast and plays an important role in the sliding and rotating bodies. The functions includes

  • It will help the parts, devices, components, etc. to slide and rotate smoothly.
  • They will decreases the friction between the parts.
  • They can increase the life span of the parts too.

Classifications of Bearings:

The Bearings are classified according to some parameters, they are 

1. According to the classification of load, the bearings are two types, they are

  • Radial Bearing
  • Thrust Bearing

2. According to the Nature of Contact, they are two types

  • Sliding Contact Bearing.
  • Rolling Contact Bearing.

Types of Bearings:

What Is Radial Bearing?

The Radial Bearing is a type of bearing whereas; the load of the components is applied perpendicular to the horizontal axis of the bearing.

What Is Thrust Bearing?

In the Thrust Bearing, the load of the components will be applied parallel to the horizontal axis of the bearing.

What Is Sliding Contact Bearing?

Sliding Contact Bearing is a type that is classified according to the nature of the contact. The sliding contact bearing is used at sliding movements. The sliding movement between the components develops high friction; therefore, to decrease the friction and toughness, this types of bearings are used. It will decrease the friction between the parts and achieve a smooth movement.

What Is Bearing and Its Types, Function of Bearing, Application of Bearing

There are different types of sliding contact bearing, they are

  • Full Journal.  
  • Partial Journal.
  • Fitted Journal.

What Is Rolling Contact Bearing?

Roller Contact Bearing is classified according to the nature of contact. This type of bearing is used at rotary movements. Furthermore, this type of bearing is divided into two types. They are

1. Ball Bearing:

What Is Bearing and Its Types, Function of Bearing, Application of Bearing

Ball Bearing is a type of rolling contact consists of stainless steel sphere balls that help to move the parts smoothly. In this type, the whole load of the components falls on the balls and the movement occurs due to the balls.

2. Roller Bearing Type:

What Is Bearing and Its Types, Function of Bearing, Application of Bearing

The Roller Bearing type looks like rollers (horizontally long and cylindrical shape). Here we can observe the cut section of the Roller Bearing. Due to the roller shape, the contact between the bearing and component is much.

Roller Type is further divided into two types, they are 

  • Needle Roller Bearing: The shape of the bearing is roller, but the diameter of the roller is small and looks like a needle, therefore we call as Needle Roller.
  • Tapered Roller Bearing: In Tapered Roller Bearing, the Roller is in varying diameters that means, the diameter of the Roller will gradually decrease from one side to another side; such decrease in diameter is called Taper and the Bearings are called as Tapered Rollers

What Is Bearing and Its Types, Function of Bearing, Application of Bearing

Applications of Bearings:

As told, the application of bearing is vast and every sliding and rotary movement machine does consist of bearing. So, few applications of bearing are as follows.

  • Bearings are used in Printing Machines, and Lathe Machines whereas; the shaft rotates without any friction due to the application of bearing.
  • They are used in the Fans whereas; the fan can rotate without any friction due to the application of bearing.
  • They can be used in Sugarcane Machines for the smooth rotation of rollers
  • They are used in the sliding movements in drawers of desks.


Bearings are one of the internal components of machines. They cannot be accounted as an individual when we talk about the machine because the motion of the parts is smooth and frictionless only because of the bearings that are used. Even the bearing has life cycle whenever the life span of a bearing is completed, it can be replaced by the new one.

So, sounds between the components and run-outs (in few cases) in the shafts are one of the symbols of bearing damage or bearing life span completion.